Friday, November 14, 2008

The Itch

The Itch to play MMO's is starting to come back. I logged into WoW this morning, purchased a few gems for the gear I got on my last ZA run and I was seeing all the new death knights running around Stormwind, which infused an urge in me to purchase WOTLK today.

So, by this afternoon I should be working either my new Death Knight or working towards getting my little dwarf tank to 80. Not sure which I will conqure first, but I'm sure the content will be filling for a few months till I get to the end game and become bored again.

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. I've been in Orlando. Florida working on a very large audio visual production. For some reason, the audio visual staging business tends to get really busy from August to the end of November and this year is no exception. I know the country is on a downward spiral financially, but for the company I work for, we are crazy busy. I guess people need lots of video projectors, sound and lights to tell people how they are going to have to cut costs so they don't have to file for bankruptcy, weird how that works.

Next year we already have shows scheduled for Arizona, California and New York. And since the show we just did, turned out fantastic for our clients, I will probably be enjoying 70 degree heat again in November down in Florida. which is great, because we always manage to see a park when we go down there. Drinking around Epcot is soo much fun.

Till this year, I've not set foot on a plane in over 30 years. I discovered earlier this year that I don't like flying, but after coming back from Florida, I'm getting use to it. I hate the take off, but love the landing, if that's any indication of how much I hate to fly. We landed so hard last night on my return trip that some body in the back screamed out loud, while I was busy cheering lol.
But since we are planning to do a lot of traveling next year, I'll just have to deal. lol

I hope to have some WOTLK insights this weekend to post, if I'm not busy playing my Xbox again. Since, I came back with some per diem, I'm probably going to pick up Gears of War 2, which I hear is great. I have the same problem as Bildo, too many games, not enough time. Poor guy is even getting slammed for it too. I'm glad my blog isn't popular. lol

Editors note:
Try not to have the urge to post with only 4 hours of sleep after a long day of flying. You'll spend more time editing your bad typing than getting the thing posted right.


  1. If you get any spare WAR itch, can you send me a pinch? I'm on a sanity break from it for a few days, though I'm sure the Heavy Metal and 1.0.5 patches will bring me back.

    I wish I could comment here as Stylish Corpse -- can you allow name/URL identities? (Wordpress can be a PITA, and tells me I'm not logged in when I try to use that ID, though I patently am. Love the internetz!)

  2. Yea, I'm going to hop back into WAR a little bit this weekend if possible. Being away from a computer because of work pretty much drains me of any ambitions of playing when I'm back home. But I'm sure in the next few weeks, I'll be getting my feet wet again.

    I understand the sanity breaks for sure. I spent months trying to level my little gnome mage in WoW. Spent twice that trying to gear him out and get an epic flying mount. Then burnout hit and I've not played him in months. Not even sure I'll get him to 80 by this time next year...who knows.

  3. If I ever want an epic flying mount in WoW, someone will have to donate me gold.

    I just don't do those kinds of grinds, though I here the Sunwell dailies help that a bit.

    Regardless, burnout's nearly impossible to avoid in any hobby. It's all about mixxing it up. Even on my limited play-time schedule I simply can't play one game and only one game.

    Variety is the spice of life, eh?

  4. Grr... posting needs spell-check.