Friday, December 12, 2008

The Little Big Planet

A few weeks back, I had the chance to try Little Big Planet at a friend's house. Little did I know that when I sat down to play co-op with him that I would have the most fun playing a game than I have had in a very long time.

I've been sitting here wondering how to describe the game, and I find that it's really hard to pin down.

At the heart, it's a side scrolling platform game, similar to the Mario style of games. But it has a look and feel that is completely different from any game that has proceeded it. The levels are mini sets, where most of the background is a cardboard cut out and you swing, jump or run your way through. There are lots of triggers and surprises as you make your way through the different areas. Like Mario or Sonic, you collect items as your make your way throught the level. Some of these items will help you unlock different sections of a level, which adds to the replay value of a level, since a lot of items needed are on different levels.

To start with, you play a character called Sackboy or Sackgirl. Basically, a burlap sack doll, whose facial features and body movements can be animated using the joysticks and D-pad. You can design or dress up your Sack character in many different color, clothes, facial features, etc. As you progress through the game, you get access to different styles and outfits. If you find a look that you like, you can save it and select it at a moments notice.

The most fun is when you can play with a friend. This is where the game really shines, because on most levels there is a section that can only be accessed through co op play. The puzzles in this section are designed for the two players to work in tandem to open up secret areas and advance. Also, there are some unlockable items that can only be found in these sections so for those completists looking to find all the items on a level, they better have a friend. lol

The game also has it's own level design area, which isn't too complicated but will require several hours of diligence to create a unflawed working level. These levels can be uploaded to the Playstation Network for others to down load and try. From what I have seen on you tube, there are several people with just too much time on their hands.

So, after experiencing the game first hand, and spending 30 minutes laughing my ass off when I accidently put a donkey tail on the face of my friend's Sackboy, trust me, it was soo funny I couldn't even breath. I decided that I would have to own this game. I had pretty much decided to purchase a PS3, but until I saw Little Big Planet, I hadn't seen a game worthy of rushing out to purchase the system. So yesterday I took the plunge.

To some degree the Playstation 3 is superior to the Xbxo 360. Set up was a breeze. Getting it hooked to my internal network and accessing the internet was better than when I connected my Xbox 360. Funny how it's easier to stream videos and music from my PC to my PS3, compared to the lost connections and misfires I normally have with the Xbox, especially since the Xbox is a microsoft product and should work well with XP. The only downside is the menu, which is much easier to get around on the Xbox than the PS3. But that is the only place that the Xbox wins over the PS3. Course, I would need to purchase a PS3 game that I already have on the Xbox to confirm the quality difference when it comes to games.

Now, currently, I don't own any blu ray movies, but after playing the standard edition of Finding mo yesterday, I have to say the PS3 does not dissappoint on video output quality. The quality was top notch and using a HDMI cable made connections much easier. I plan on picking up Dark Knight this afternoon so I'll finally get to see what the commotion is about blu ray. lol

Well, that's about it. I am enjoying the PS3 and especially Little Big Planet. Both top notch. Not sure what other games on the PS3 to try next since I own a good many of them on the Xbox side, but I'm sure something will come to mind soon.


  1. it sounds neat :) Grats on the surgery btw Oakey

  2. Thanks. It still hurts when I wake up and while I'm sleeping, but I'm hoping that will improve, because those are the same issues I had before the surgery. Course, the Cpap machine is helping me sleep a lot better at night...well, it will as soon as I get use to it. lol

    And lets not discount good pain meds and muscle relaxers. lol

  3. Metal Gear Solid 4 was a great PS3 exclusive. Other than LBP and MGS4, the PS3 doesn't have a whole lot going for it, IMHO. I use my PS3 mostly as a Blu-Ray player since most of the games I like are Xbox360 exclusive (Mass Effect, Fable 2, etc.).

  4. I could spend a whole day talking about how I hate exclusive titles. If LBP wasn't a PS3 only, I wouldn't have had to run out and buy a PS3 to start with. But I did, so there you have it.

    I'm not too concerned about finding a decent game to play on the PS3, it just depends if the game is released on both systems at the same time, which one has the better added value.

    Soul Calibur is a good example, the PS3 version had Darth Vader, which would appeal more to me than the Xbox 360 version, which is probably why I didn't pick it up for the Xbox.

    I've actually tired the Demo for Dead Space and find it fun, I just have to figure out, which one will look better. Since i don't yet have a HDMI cable for my Xbox, I'm leaning towards the PS3, but if Xbox ends up having better DLC, then I might change my mind. It just all depends. The nice thing now is I do have a choice to make, before I was stuck with just the Xbox version of a game.

  5. I sooooo do not want to run out and buy a consul right now. You and others are making it pretty difficult.