Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Surgery

Here is an update as to my shoulder surgery for all those interested. Everything went extremely well. They did not have to repair any tendons as originally thought. My doctor, a very good one I must say, had to break up and remove lots of scare tissue, which will fix a lot of my mobility issues. He cleaned out some bone spurs and did some minor stuff to help my frozen shoulder, which I think was the final confirmed prognosis.

The good news is I don't have to wear a sling, but my shoulder is still pretty sore, tight and suffering from muscle spasms most of the time. Lucky for me, I have physical therapy for the tightness, Perocet for pain and muscle relaxers for the spasms. I only have major pain issues when I try to move the arm, so I'm doing pretty good. I obviously don't have any problems with typing as this blog indicates.

I have physical therapy every day for the next two weeks. I still can't touch the lower part of my back with my hand, which is my goal. If I can do that pain free, then I will call the surgery a success, otherwise, I'll probably be pretty pissed. lol

Everyone at the Moses Cone hospital took really good care of me. I will say during the late night hours, they have some pretty scary people working those shifts, but still they did everything necessary to make my stay pleasant and hassle free, they even brought in a reclining chair so my wife could stay the night with me. Normally this type of surgery would be an outpatient situation, but since I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, I had to stay the night so they could observer me. Which was useless because I couldn't really sleep in that gawd awful bed anyway. The food was decent and every time I need a pain med, I got it.

I'll try and give more updates about the condition of my shoulder when possible, but I don't want to bore my gaming readers with all this real life crap. lol Lucky for me, since my surgery went well, I was able to return to WoW yesterday and hooked up with the CoW's for some really fun achievement unlocks. We managed to get into the Orgrimmar and do the Ragefire Chasm instance. It took about 30 to 40 minutes of corpse crawling to get in the instance, but we managed it ok. Some of use even got a chance to fish in the city, which is part of an achievement unlock called Fishing Diplomat.

We then moved onto Wailing Caverns to get that instance added to our achievement system. After that, I managed to finish off 3 more bubbles of experience and dinged 30 with my warrior. I then made my way to the mount vendor outside Iron Forge to pick up my riding ram. Being unable to make a decision and the mounts only being 9g each, I picked up one of each. Maybe I'll be a little more picky when it comes to picking my elite mount. I moved Oakstout over to Aurberdine to start working on getting my cat mount through reputation grinding.

Hopefully, with some cloth turn ins and reputation through questing, I'll have my cat in no time. But that depends, if my shoulder is feeling better next week, I'll be heading back to work a lot sooner than I would have liked too, not because I hate work, but because I love to game way too much around the holidays.

I'll post some more gaming updates later today.

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  1. Glad you're ok and nearly back to normal, mate! Hope to see ya back on Live soon, we'll get that shoulder a-swingin' with Markus and Dom! :)