Monday, February 16, 2009

The Death Rattle!

So, Circuit City was unable to find a buyer and is now in the process of liquidating all of it's current stores inventory in the hopes that stock holders can recoup some of the lost revenue. All that is very very horrible, so I decided that while Circuit City was in the throws of it's final gasps of air, I would rape and pillage what I could, as all good gamers should do when a large electronic store goes under. (Notice I am not laughing.)

So, here is what I ended up getting on the last day of sale.

Vanguard:Saga of Heroes - $1.00
Team Fortress 2 - $1.00
Civ. Colonization - $1.00
Unreal Tournament 3 - $1.00
3 x Warhammer online Game card - $1.00 Each = $3.00

My total cost for all of it was just over $7.00. Did I get a good deal? I'm still not completely sure. lol They had a game card for AoC, but I figured, why install that dog for just a 60 days? Even at $1.00 the cost was still too high in my opinion.

The interesting thing is that when I arrived at the store all the computer software was listed as $3.00 each. So I figured, I'd grab a few items, and leave. Then the lady standing next to the rack of software proceeded to get on the intercom and announce that all computer software was 1 dollar. Well, I just couldn't leave until I had picked that rack over like a buzzard on road kill. So I grabbed up all the WAR game cards I could get, since I currently don't have a subscription I figured at least when they fixed all the bugs and added all the free content in the next few months, I can get back in for 180 days for just $3.00 and if it looks promising, I'll re-up after they expire.

I've always wanted to try Vanguard and at $1.00 for 30 days of free play, I figured what the hell. I already own the Orange box, but I figured I would pick up TF2 for my Dad, he likes the occasional shooter, and again, at these prices, why not?

So, if your near a Circuit City, I would hop on down as soon as you can, because you too, can pick up some great deals before they pull the plug.


  1. Seriously? Was today the last day? Those are incredible deals. And since I only get to play a couple hours of games each week, I could probably get a year's worth of games for ten bucks.

  2. I just know that today was the last day the one in my area was open. Besides, they really didn't have much left and half the store was roped off because it was empty.

    I'd call around in your area to see if they are still open.

  3. Ours is already toast soo.. good for you wish I'd thought of that :)

  4. I actually went by today to the Circuit City in Orem, Utah...There weren't really good deals there. The best were 50% off deals, but most stuff was 30-40% off, not enough incentive to pick up random games I'm only partially interested. They were still even selling Tabula Rasa for 22$! Imagine the poor souls who buy that on a whim without knowing the game's fate...