Thursday, April 23, 2009

The World Of Warcraft

"I got it bad, got it bad, got it bad, I'm hot for WoW"

Yes, I bastardized a very good Van Halen song for this post. I'm sorry, but it just seemed to pop into my head when I was driving home from work, trying to come up with a good blog post for this week. Sad to say, I still haven't come up with a good blog post for this week.

None the less, I'm going to talk about WoW, my addiction and my very bad case of Alt-itis.

Originally, when I started back playing WoW recent, I had decided to limit, (this part still makes me laugh), my playing to once maybe twice a week. The goal was to play with friends, get my Paladin, Oakley, up a few levels, hang with friends and just chill. We all agreed to keep it casual, play when we could and keep our characters in a specific level range so we would be able to keep together and Azeroth as one group. The problem was, as I started hanging out, I started to crave more of WoW, so I decided to work on a Death Knight, Paynel.

At first, I just wanted to play my Death Knight on the evenings I was bored and couldnt' find anything else interesting to watch on TV. Then I just wanted to level up his herbalism and inscriptions skills. Course, the more I played, the more I wanted back in the game. I got the Death Knight up to the same level as everyone else in our weekly group and decided that he would be a good alt incase I grew bored with my Paladin, which meant restricting my play time with him.

Thus began the merry go round of old unleveled toons, whom I had created a year or two back, but never had any great interst in leveling up, until now. I worked a little leveling love into my weekly play. I would work on one or two a week, slowly, getting them up a few levels till the double xp would expire. To date, I've managed to move my Shaman, Jindi, up from 24 to 28, my warlock, Moordryd, from 45 to 48 and my priest, Gwinaveer, from 27 to 36. As you can see my priest has slowly become my new favorite class, since she's getting a lot more loving these days. On a side note, Shadow Priests Rock! I also filled in my last character slot with a hunter, Sashax, who is now 20 and quickly becoming a very good chef and fisherman. Course, wink, wink, I only started leveling her up to play with our new guildies.

As you can see, I'm back full time in WoW and really enjoying it this time around. As I've stated before in a previous post, playing with friends, who don't pressure you to raid, or complain about how bad your gear is or hassle you about the way you play, makes a big difference. The game and Blizzard now have their grubby little meat hooks in me pretty strong, but I don't regret it. We have an influx of new players in our guild, Noobs. Fresh recruits for Blizzard to amaze and annoy.

I have to say, this time around the game is a lot more fun, even thought I'm pissed about how addictive the game has become. (insert FORCED SMILE here!)

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