Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm Talking Games, Also!

I've joined a secret coalition of bloggers destine to bring gaming information and opinions to the masses, or at least to each other.

Oh, apparently it isn't very secret anymore. Well, no one really reads my blog so I guess the secret will be safe for a while anyway.

I'm Talking Games is the brain child or the finger of blame, however you want to see it, of br3ntbr0, formally of A Wall of Text, and Genda, The Grouchy Gamer and founder of Casualties of War. Others have joined the squad, including the controversial, Jobildo and a new blogger, to me at least, Kaldeem.

If your looking for more info and opinions on games from very detailed and opinionated bloggers then be sure to set your readers to I'm Talking Games.

Don't worry, I'll still be posting here about World of Warcraft and other things that interest my fancy.

Oh, btw as a side note, last night was my wife's birthday, no ages please. For some crazy reason, her favorite place to eat is Cracker Barrel, so after work we did some shopping and headed to our local restaurant. Well, we sat down and I took a gander at the people at the next table. I had to do a double take actually, because the group to my left included a man that looked just like Reverend Jesse Jackson. On my second look, the man caught me looking, smiled, extended a fist for the congratulatory Obama Fist bump and said hello to me and my wife.

As it turns out, that was in fact, the Reverend Jesse Jackson. Apparently, he was speaking at a local college and decided he needed a fix of home cooked food, which by the way included Greens, one of my favorite meals. Unfortunately, we didn't have a camera, but if we did I'd be hesitant to even take his picture because he was trying to have a low key meal with friends and possibly family.

I have been very lucky. I've already met, Ret. General Colin Powell, Former Secretary of State, Alexander Haig and Iran Contra and Fox News commentator, Oli North, but I don't brag about that last one too much. I also met the lead singer of the 80's rock group, Survivor, but I don't even remember his name.

Now if I can only get Jessica Alba to come hang out with me.

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