Friday, October 2, 2009

What ARRRRRR ya doing?

Well, I'm still playing World of Warcraft. Still chugging along slowly with Oakley, my tankadin. By slowly I mean I'm at end game looking for something exciting to do. Luckily, there are all these holiday events coming up in the next few months, starting with Brewfest, that will keep me entertained. I've also managed to get 50 riding mounts in the game, which nets me a very nice albino drake for free. Also got all my starting alliance faction to exalted, which nets me the title of Diplomat. So I am keeping some what busy.

As posted earlier this week, I'm back in a friends only guild trying to convenience them that recruitment is what will keep the rest of the crowd interested so we can do 10 man content on a regular bases. But, like me, the rest of my friends are stubborn and lean towards procrastination on matters concerning the guild and figuring out what to do next. Course, I can't complain too much, I could be proactive and step up the movement of recruiting more, but since I'm just like them, which is why we all work together well, it's going to be hard to get motivated towards that endeavor.

I also picked up Champions Online. I still play it off and on during the week. I try to get in a level every time I play, which isn't hard since the game is pretty broken as it is. What I mean is, I can solo things that are 3 to 4 levels higher than me and since the content is designed for specific level ranges, eventually, I will, as everyone keeps telling me, run out of quests to help me level which will mean endless grinding off mobs that don't relinquish much in the way of XP.

This concerns me, but I like the concept of the game, the art work , the graphics and the way my character performs his attacks and super powers, its just really, really cool looking and I am still having a blast. I will say that since I'm using an Xbox 360 controller and not mashing buttons on a hotbar repeatedly, I think I'll get way more enjoyment out of the grinding process. Even now, I'll just try and kill everything in the zone I'm questing just to see how cool my character looks while doing it. Oh, and he looks pretty awesome by the way.

There are aspects of the game that are severally damaged, but I'm hoping the free content patch they are providing in October will help with a lot of that issue. They do seem to patch a lot every week and there are some who are still in there hoping for the best. I should be annoyed that I'm paying to beta test an MMO and normally that would be an issue for me, but I just like the look and feel of this game even if it is broken. There are some who complain about the "Rubber Band Questing" or the collection questing or the go here get this questing. What I gather from all that is, its the same style questing we've been dealing with since Everquest came out, right? Those are the tried and true mechanics of all MMO's on the market right now, with maybe the exception of a few independent games like Fallen Earth and EvE, which I've never had the privilege to play.

Ive picked up Uncharted for the PS3 since I hear its a very good game and Uncharted 2, which is slated to come out very soon, is even better. I managed to finish the story mode for The Beatles Rock Band. It was very nice and I hope to go back through learning all of it on the plastic drums the second time around. I do still play a few games on the on the Xbox 360 like Mass Effect, which I picked up on the cheap recently. I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I like Mass Effect, but I knew it would be full of dialog trees, which aren't my favorite type of game, but the story is very intriguing so I thought I would stick with it a while.

While at my local gamestop, I reserved Borderlands for the Xbox 360. I did this because Scott and Aaron wanted to play some 4 person co-op and were very nice to include me. I've got no expectations about my contribution to the co op portion of the game, because I suck at FPS games on the console, but it was nice to get asked.

Finally, my last piece of gaming info. I did pick up Scribblenauts and I have to say, I'm not as impressed with the game as I thought I would be. The concept is really cool, but moving objects around in the world and getting them to work the way you intend them to work is very haphazard. I can't go into the specifics of the game mechanics, but let me just say, it looked cool in the demos and on paper, but it isn't as cool as one would suspect when your actually doing it. If I was to rate the game, I'd have to go with an 7 or 8 out of 10, rather than what the reviews I keep saying. But this is my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

I think that about covers what I've been playing. I do hope to be getting Batman Arkham Asylum for the PS3 and Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story for the DS at some later date, just not sure when. If so, I'll do a review.

If your looking for a good podcast about console or portable gaming, I would recommend the Player One Podcast. I have to say, not only is it very informative but it is freaking hilarious to listen too. It's a weekly podcast that is usually available by Monday.

Wow, two pictures and an embedded video this time. I'm really getting the hang of this blogging media.


  1. Bah, I keep tellin' ya that you're better than you give yourself credit for at console shooters.

    And besides, Borderlands is a PvE game, it's not like you need to be some expert twitch headshot sniper...

    Aaron also clued me in that Crackdown 2 will be 4 player co-op! I was already getting the game but that clinched it. 2 player co-op is fun in Crackdown 1 but 4 should be a riot!

  2. By the way did you get Crash Course for L4D? I signed myself up for L4D Night for next Monday but I got hosed last week since it's a 4 player game and 5 of us (at the time showed up) so I was left out. Now that CC is out, it looks like more people are back into L4D hunting the achievements and the faster Versus mode that it offers.

  3. Hey,

    I've been reading your blog for a while know. Just kind of lurking in the backround reading what you've been posting.

    Much like yourself in Wow, I'm trying to find things to occupy myself while my wife and her friend are slowly leveling. She's currently 30 and him around the same level.

    All of my characters are higher level (60, 70, or 80 depending) so I'm finding things to keep myself busy. Such as leveling cooking, which I've never done in game before. As well as running some of the dungeons that I haven't done of various characters just to get the achievement.

    It's a shame you're alliance, cause I'm feeling the same as you are. I want to progress, but currently feel held back by others. I don't just want to dump them and move on, so you have to find things to occupy yourself.

    I did start something intersesting recently though, my wife's friend is a first time wow player. It's refreshing to see his points of views on things - it forces me to realize many things in the game are not common knowledge to everyone.

    If you're interested,


  4. @ Scott - No I haven't gotten the dl content for L4D yet only because I didn't know about it. lol. I'll pick up a game card this week and see about getting that done. Maybe we can try a little of that this week.

    @Murtaugh - It's always great to have new readers. I've added your blog to my google reader and look forward to hearing what you and Redbeard have to say about WoW. Currently, I've decided to level My 73 Mage and to acquire better DPS gear for my Paladin so I can do some decent damage in 5 mans when I don't feel like Tanking. I'm also picking up the odd piece of healing gear if I decide to go the other way as well.

    Again, don't be shy, post here as often as you like and let me know if I'm full of crap or not, Scott always does. lol