Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Sunday Review

I had the opportunity to view two very different shows, one on the big screen and one on the little screen. I've decided that both needed to be talked up or rather about, so here is my review of these two different pieces of media. Again, remember, I talk out my arse sometimes, so you may or may not agree with portions of this Sunday review, meaning, please read with an open mind.


First, I'd like to say that Zombieland is one of the best zombie movies I have ever seen and if you don't go out and see this movie you are doing yourself and your funny bone a disservice. The movie from the start is just great. The main characters are just trying to make sense of what has happened to the world, mainly that everyone has become an undead flesh eating zombie and they seem to be on the preferred menu, but it is done in a "Bob Hope/Bing Crosby" style inspired road trip. Lots of great humor and wonderful cameo, which I won't give away, and lots of rules to live by, my favorite is rule #4 by the way, which a lot of people in zombie movies fail to understand, especially the cheerleaders. Also, it lets the geek be the hero, Mountain Dew Code Red and World Of Warcraft FTW!

The movie does have a good portion of zombie killing, maiming and destruction, so for those who love violence and grossness, there is a lot for you to enjoy. Funny thing, I couldn't remember what the rating for this movie was, especially when me and Mrs. Oakstout took our seat and looked among our fellow patrons and noticed a large percentage where kids under the age of 18 with adults. Trust me, this movie is full of violence, adult language and lots of visuals not suitable for the younger audience. It is also, as I just happened to look, rated R. Now I understand why kids are the way they are, with parents taking them to movies such as this, it doesn't surprise me at all.

On my scale the movie gets a B+ and will definitely be on my to buy list once its out on the market. It might actually edge out Inglorious Bastards for my movie of the year, still the year isn't over yet.

Just remember, nut up or shut up!

Stargate Universe

I am or rather was a huge fan of the original Stargate SG1 series, but to be honest, it had to grow on me. The first time I watched SG1, there was a bald African American with a gold tattoo on his forehead, being all serious, and I said to myself, this can't ever work. But, persistence from a co worker that the show was actually decent got me to record a few episodes, which eventually got me completely hooked. Richard Dean Anderson was the heart, sole and main reason that show survived as long as it did, which is saying a lot, because in the later seasons where he was absent, the writers spent a lot of time pulling stories out of their collective asses. I ended not even watching most of the last season because after killing off the Goa'uld or at least making them a none threat to earth, they had to come up with an even sillier villain for the series called the Ori, which was very absurd, but that is my opinion. Eventually, the ended the series without really coming wrapping up that whole story arc. I believe there is a direct to video movie, which fixes that problem, but I stopped watching it before all that so I'm not sure. What a way to kill a fantastic series. Anyway, lets continue.

Before the demise of SG1, they spun off the show and created Stargate Atlantis, which was decent for the first season or two, then it started spiraling out of control when the viewer was informed that the Wraith, the main bad guys on the show, were actually a mutation between a human and a space slug, to be honest, I never really like their villain at all. The Genii seemed a much better villain, but these people don't like their shows to be humanoid vs. humanoid. I actually liked the episodes when they were more like Star Trek episodes. Go to planet, get in trouble, help people on planet, leave. I never thought there needed to be an overall subversive plot in the background, but then what do I know.

So, I eventually stopped watching Atlantis because it just got too out of control, even though there was a lot of great actors on the show, like the doctor, Carson Beckett, who they killed off and Rodney McKay, still my favorite.

So that gets me to Stargate Universe and this past Friday's two hour premiere.

I have to say, I watched it expecting it to, well, suck. They, those who create content for the Stargate franchise, haven't managed to do anything really creative, in my mind, since the first few season of the original. I don't mind strange and exciting stories, but come on, they have to have stories less contrived than the ones in the last few seasons of Atlantis or SG1.

But in truth, I was thoroughly entertained by this new Stargate show. The people they introduced seem rather ordinary, but who are for the most part, pretty broken as humans go, with personal issues, problems and lots of baggage that I'm sure will come out into the light and make for lots of interesting story lines. No one knows what is going to happen to them or where their next adventure will be, which gives it the Star Trek style feel that I do enjoy. They aren't in control and that is a great way to start off an adventure. I don't want to say too much about the show, it isn't perfect, but it is worth watching at least a few times, because I think it could be a winner.

I've added it to my recorder list and I'm hoping for the best. I do want to enjoy this one because with so few great Science fiction shows on the air, Fringe is horrible by the way and Heroes is so gawd awful these days, I'm hoping for the best this time.


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