Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The FacePalm

I got a chance to do 25 man Trials of the Crusader, which is a very interesting raid. I hooked up with a healing buddy, Bigrichard, and his guild, Tsunami. Right now, its very late or rather early in the morning and I have work. But I did want to say, Wow!! What a difference in raiding style between the last few raiding guilds I've interacted with, Conclusion and Anubis. This guild looks promising, but I'll get more into that and their style of play in another post.

Let me just say that not all raiding guilds produce horrid people that would be better suited for working at the clinic of arguments. For those rude people, I'd recommend the crunchy frog. Still, I'm pretty happy with my progress and even though I've only stuck my head in the instance once, I managed to perform admirably, if I do say so myself.

Again, I'll relay more on this matter later.

It only proves the adage, Always look on the bright side of life.


  1. Did you get to tank, if so off tank or main?

    From the way it sounds you have not had much luck raiding, so I'm guessing you have the 5 man crusader gear and maybe some badge gear. How does your current gear set stand up to jumping into the 25 man raiding content?

    I've been having a good time leveling my prot warrior but I've been curious as to how good of a gear set I could get with no raiding guild.

  2. Well, I kept getting compliments on how well geared I was, which was nice. I did, however, pick up a nice pair of boots for my tanking set while in there.

    For 25 man ToC, the first boss, is a three tank boss, so we switched off after getting a 2 stack debuff. After that, I just followed the off tank around in case he lost agro on adds and such, which did happen on a few fights. I got a few more shots at tanking being an off tank, which was nice. I'm just enjoying the whole experience more this time around.

    I didn't feel slighted at all by being a third string tank, especially since I might have been a bit under geared and I didn't know a lot of the fights. It was a good learning experience and everyone was super nice and supportive, which, I've never gotten when doing large format raiding without friends.

  3. Oh, nice. I was under the impression that you were still gearing up to be able to do those 25 man raids.

    It's nice to find a group of people that seem to work well together and get things done. It's a shame, though, that the guild of friends you had previously mentioned did not take more to the raiding style you seem to be enjoying.

    That being said, sometimes playing with strangers can be more relaxing than old "friends" lol.

  4. With the new Triumph emblems coming from the Heroic Dailys its much easier to get decent gear for those runs. My best shot at getting gear improvements now are 25 man runs or 10 man heroic Uld stuff.

    I did a 25 man ToC before, and didn't do so bad, so I'm decently geared, not as geared as the other tanks on the run, but they were impressed with my gear so I would take that as a compliment, especially from people who have been doing uld for some time now and have pretty much burned down most naxx runs.

    Like I said, I think I can handle most stuff, when I'm on my game and I'm not nervous about meeting nice people or worried that they'll start yelling at me for missing a taunt or not pulling the right way.

    These guys explained stuff, which I already knew most of the early fights, and instead of criticizing people that failed, they were patient and complimented those that did well. No need to harp on the bad when you can just encourage the good and move forward. I like that attitude, which is why I'll probably keep raiding with them.