Friday, October 9, 2009

Jonas Sees In Color

I've mentioned that I work for a audio visual rental staging company. I work on the staging side. Basically, we provide audio visual equipment for large corporations who want to reach out and chat with their employees or share holders, you know those 1000 people intimate conversations. As a co worker describes it, "It's a rock and roll show without the band"

Well, yesterday, we set up lights and sound for a band, Jonas Sees in Color. We've been providing gear for their live shows for some time, but being on the video side of things, I've really not been involved. They are a bunch of really nice people, who helped us set up the entire rig and will probably be there this morning when we set up the sound. Not to famous to get their hands dirty, which was nice. Actually, after chatting with a few of them yesterday, I think that no matter what, they will stay humble and always remember the people that helped get them to the top.

The reason for all this fanfare is they recently got a record deal and are having a CD release party (at Greene street in Greensboro, NC, Friday October 9th around 9pm) to thank all their fans, which is pretty cool.

So if your looking for something to do in North Carolina tonight, come have a listen.

Oh, they did a video of our lighting guy, Jim Caddy, which I'm also going to share with you.

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