Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Alive

Ok, I've been slack, in my defense, I have been so busy at work..... and playing Borderlands and Raiding in WoW. All of which I hope to chat about this weekend.

Don't give up on the dwarf.

On some good news. A friend got his WoW account hacked (not the good news) and with the diligence of some friends and guildies, the brought to the attention of an online GM, the account was quickly banned, to prevent the destruction of all my bud's hard work. It was on a weekend, so he had to wait till Monday to speak with Blizzard. After two days of talks, they returned the account back to him and was able to return all the stolen gear and the items taken from the guild bank.

Now, I know people complain about Blizzard and mainly about customer service, but I have to say, that no matter what horror stories others have had, I commend Blizzard's CS with quickly responding to the problem and the fast return of my friend's account and all his gear. I also want to remind people that play, beware of websites and mods that could potentially constant Keyloggers. Also, if you see odd behavior from a friends account, contact him directly to make sure it is him, if not, then make sure you bring it to the attention of guild officers, so they can limit guild bank access and put in a ticket to Blizzard. People say that GM's will not do anything from a ticket, but I have first hand proof that the best way to help your friend is to chat with an in game GM. At the least, he will be aware of the issue, especially if they person has stolen the account happens to be on.

I would also recommend getting one of Blizzard's authenticator. It is a hassle, but it will save you time and money later and it's only 7 dollars.

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