Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Your Anquish Nourishes me"

So today Blizzard will release the much anticipated 3.3 content patch. It will have new 5 man instances, a new raid instance for 10 and 25 man and new emblems to relish and acquire. Changes to the interface will include the new quest helper and Looking for Group.

As much as I want to be very excited for the new content, I am really looking forward to the LFG improvement. Currently, if I play my Tank, I have no issue getting into a group, people are always yelling for my assistance in trade or general chat, not the LFG channel of course, but still I am needed a lot. But as I have learned recently while trying to gear up my mage, damage dealing classes are a dime a dozen. I've been kicked from groups because people wanted to bring their guildie or friend, because they already have 2 mages or because they just don't like my gear score. However, this shall not be the case I hear with the new interface which is suppose to match players not only across their server, but other servers in their battle group. I hear lots of great things and I won't spoil too much in case fellow blogger, Br3ntbr0 over at ITG, wants to create a post about his recent adventures on the test server.

However, with all things that change, some things will remain the same. Meaning, the game will be more buggier, more competitive driven and will create lots of people who just want to grief others and not just on a PvP server, but on all servers. I discovered after creating a death knight on Jaedenar that players even in a guild will beg others for money no matter what server you are on. I can't believe someone playing a Death Knight would need 3g for repairs in the starting area, but apparently they do and needed to harass me for spare change.


I wrote this post early this morning in the hopes of having it finished by noon. Alas, work wouldn't allow it, but I've tried repeated since getting off work to log in and look at the new content. Apparently, that seems to be near impossible right now. As I'm typing this, even the main World of Warcraft website is down. So, it might be tomorrow evening before I get a chance to enjoy all the creamy goodness of this wonderful game breaking altering content patch.

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