Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The First Taste of Guild Drama.... YUMMMMY!

Apparently have being in a fairly successful raiding guild for a few month's now, I still fail to understand the inner workings of the officers and guild leader. How they decide stuff still completely confuses me. Some rules seem pretty simple, if we have to PuG a raid then we don't do loot council, if we do a full guild raid we do it. Oh, loot council is when those in charge look at those playing and award the loot to a person in much dire need for it. This worked very well in my favor because I was a tank in much need of gear when I joined the guild and in order to put me on par with others, I got a lot of nice loot. These rules I understand. They are logical and thought out.

Now, here are some of the more illogical ones I have seen in recent weeks.

We recruited a new member about 2 weeks ago. This member had been an officer of several guilds till he reached ours. He also was the guild leader of his last guild, which apparently one day exploded. Strange thing, in most other cases where this person was the officer of a guild, those guilds exploded as well. He also seemed to be in the middle of all the explosions. I'm not saying he was the catalyst, but if the same guy shows up at 10 different bank heists, chances are that person knows something about the heist. So, I'm starting to have some concern about this person being in our guild, but wait it even gets better, they have made him an officer in my guild, which means, that he can have a say on the loot council. This greatly concerns me. I'm not one to bitch much, but a person that has a lot of controversy surrounding them and problems in guilds and now he has a say in my loot? He's also brought in others from his failed guild, which means, he might try and vote in their favor when possible, since he pulled them to the last failed guild from another failed guild so they could raid and now that they are raiding with us, their might be issues.

But that's not the only problem. They kicked some people out of the guild recently that challenged rules and leadership. Once they left, they bad mouthed our guild and formed a guild specifically to be against us. Crazy right? Now they are back. What? I don't get it. You get rid of people that cause problems and then let them back in, give them spots in raids and then let them have a shot at loot? No punishment for bad behavior? I'm not trying to be a dick, but if you reinforce bad behavior then it will happen again. If you tell your guild, hey, you can be a ass but if you know enough people in the guild you can come back after you leave and form your own guild that fails.

Crazy times. Makes me see more and more why people don't join raiding guilds. The good news is I've been in the guild for over 3 months and this is the first bit of guild drama that I have seen so far, which I suspect is a good thing. Still, I'm not saying a guild should be run like a correction facility or the government, but when those in charge start doing stupid stuff, you have to wonder when will they start doing it to you?


  1. Guild drama, raiding and all that it encompasses have been around since the dawn of...well, raiding and guilds. yeah moving on.

    I've been in quite a few failed guilds and seen my fair of drama (like that one time, when i showed my female roommate how to play wow, and then invited her to my guild and she got all lovey dove with the GL and he decided to tax all the guild members to buy her epic flier!!) and many other sorts like that. So yeah, raiding guilds will have drama, and always do stupid stuff like invite douche A and B back to the guild after they've done raised hell and pissed everyone off.

    :) but 3 months w/o guild drama is good! /grats!


  2. Sorry Oakey. What gets rewarded gets done, what gets punished stops. Leaders who fail to learn this simple lesson are doomed to repeat history.

    My guilds have all had their fair share of drama except my most recent one in which I made everyone an officer. Then nobody was "better" than anyone else. It actually worked better. Everyone could just focus on playing together as friends and having fun and helping each other. The only issue that arose was when I stopped having enough spare time to be online enough for them and recruit new people.

    I hope things get better in your guild, but sometimes they get worse before they get better huh?

  3. I suspect that this will be a learning lesson for those involved, I just hope they learn before it cause a severe explosion.

    Guilds are just larger versions of the egos of those in charge. If left unchecked they can cause lots of problems, but if they keep an even keel they will succeed and do well. I suspect that if they hadn't let those back in the guild, others would have left to join them and in the end, it was a way to keep the guild together, but at what cost?

    Those involved know they can push leadership and they will not have any major consequences, this isn't an issue with RL friends, because you expect this kind of friction for a relationship to work, but when its complete strangers it is very different.

    I suspect this will be plowed over and new growth will begin and all will be better. But I'll be keeping an eye on people from now on.

  4. Guild drama is a self-redundant term. The thing that always drives me nuts is the last thing you mention, where people behave badly, get kicked, openly challenge the guild, and then get reinvited like nothing ever happened.

    To me, actions have natural consequences. A natural consequence for being an asshat is being treated as such. This doesn't include the opportunity to dine at the loot table or run with the smart and well-behaved kids.

    I'm starting to think my ideas are old and outdated, since the norm seems to be just the opposite. On the other hand, my lifetime of demonstrating bad decision making and my ability to see the correct decisions in this case throws even more concern for the state of things in this game and the next generation of gamers in general. i.e. if I can see it's screwed up and a bad idea, why can't they?