Monday, February 22, 2010

The Final Count down!

No, I'm not leaving the blog o sphere. I can't leave. Where would I find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, certainly Mos Eisley space port, but no place here on earth for certain. I just wanted to let everyone know that interesting posts are coming and I'll be posting again soon on ITG.

I'm actually in New York City, Manhattan, just off Central Park west to be precise, this week for work. I love to visit this city, but I would really hate to live here. It is too expensive, but its exciting to see all the architecture, hear the cabby's yell and honk their horns and experience the hustle and bustle that is NYC. However, personally give me a town that rolls up its streets at 9pm any other day and I'm happy.

Btw, doing a pub crawl in New York City is fun, just beware, there are over 200 Irish pubs in Manhattan alone, or so says one google search, so bring a big liver or a donor. That number gets inflated by the fact that there a lot of pretend Irish pubs. If your server isn't from the old country chances are some dude in Brooklyn just bought the name to the pub.

Again, I hope to blogging fairly regularly again soon. I have lots of topics. Some don't even include World of Warcraft so those might actually be interesting, probably not.

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