Monday, January 3, 2011

The Honeymoon is Over!

When I switched over to Horde and decided to dive back into WoW my hope was that the amount of Asshattery would have grown smaller, but I'm here to report just the opposite.

My main issue as always is the dungeon crawl. Players have adopted the Lich King mentality of instancing, which in a nut shell is to blast the mobs till they crisp and to hell with worrying about crowd control and agro. Problem is, this solution doesn't work with old world dungeons. Vanilla WoW was all about slow and easy. No rushing. Crowd control and agro management is a must to survive.

Players just have no patients for this kind of progression and Bliz must be aware of it since you get more xp for questing than for doing a random dungeon. Once the group fails now people just start blaming others for their own agro mistakes or they bail figuring the next tank will hold agro better.

The failure isn't that of the players but that of Blizzards for failing to educate players on how to do dungeons. Old world dungeons are cakewalks to level 80's but not for the levels they were originally designed for and players need to understand that. There is a learning curve to this stuff. You can't run in expecting mobs to just fall over at the sight of your proposed just doesn't happen that way.

Another issue that I thought Blizzard had fixed was how boss loot gets rolled on. Before if gear dropped that wasn't for your class you didn't get an option to roll "NEED" just "GREED". Apparently that has changed for those of us trying to level up in the post Cataclysmic world.

Now players are scarfing up any loot they can get their greedy little hands on. Healers roll on DPS gear, Tanks now roll for healing gear and what's worse is that the minute someone rolls against their class type they either get booted, after a lengthy argument or everyone starts doing exactly what the terrible player did and the rolling gets really out of hand. Players start to bitch and the group falls apart. Which isn't a biggie for a healer or a tank who seem to be the main classes breaking the unspoken rule because they get into random dungeons more quickly than the rest of us.

Look I'm cool if a healer wants to roll need on a piece of my gear, but ask me first. Don't be that worthless tool that I'm going to stick on ignore the minute I leave the group by rolling "Need" at the last second on the last boss so you can bail. Your not going to go far in raids with that kind of attitude.

I know people avoid WoW because of this kind if behavior. I don't understand why "This" game attracts asshats but I wish Blizzard would do a better job of discouraging this type of interaction. Figure out s fair system for rolling loot and teach people how to do a dungeon. I mean your messing up my Chi.

Although this has put me off fully enjoying my new WoW experience I am glad to be hanging in there with all the cool new guild mates. You guys make logging in fun and really that's all that really matters.

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  1. From what I've been hearing from the guilds I'm in, it sounds like Vanilla and Cata instances are hell for puggers. BC and Wrath are tolerable, although getting the three Tempest Keep 5-mans knocked out (and MgT) were an exercise in pain. I guess that's to be expected, since people hit 68 and jump to Northrend instead of tackling the hardest BC instances.