Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I want to play Rift that much is a certainty. Now the question is how much should I invest in this decision.

I found out today that Amazon has the game listed for preorder. The standard edition is $50.00, which is reasonable. However, I'm actually considering buying the Collector's edition, $80.00 worth of gaming goodness, and to be honest that would be a first for me. In all of my years of gaming I have never purchased a Collector's version. Just never saw the need but man I'm pumped about this game.

Maybe it's because a lot of my new found WoW friends and twitter community buddies are planning to play Rift day one and if I have learned any thing about Rift by playing in the beta it's that the most fun to be had in the game is to play with friends.

Buying the Collector's edition may or may not happen but regardless I will be playing day one.

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  1. Well if you digitally order you can play headstart, and the CE is only $60 along with being able to secure 9.99 monthly sub.