Monday, February 28, 2011

Now What?

Well, I did something I never thought I would do. I cancelled my World of Warcraft account. Not sure why, but I just didn't see the sense in paying for a game that I was only playing maybe twice a month. Sure, I had lots of friends wanting me to hang with them and do stuff, but my heart just wasn't in it. I just couldn't see myself leveling up another 5 levels and then do dungeon after dungeon for gear only to turn around and start raiding for better gear again and again. The mechanic for end game just doesn't rock my boat, flip my pancakes, or launch my rocket anymore.

It bores me to grind, grind and grind some more only to find out that once I'm at the top, if I ever get there, its still not enough. Its just enough of an obstetrical till Blizzard decides to launch another update that includes another area that hasn't been unlocked with more grinding involved. I've done it, and I've done it for 5 years. I think the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Well, its insane for me to stay subscribed to WoW, because its going to be the same old thing.

Wanting to avoid more insanity, I've decided not to jump on the Rift band wagon. I've read about the end game there and its similar if not the same as any other end game. Do dungeons for gear, then do more dungeons, then raid and raid till you get to the penultimate raiding dungeon and defeat the bosses there. Sure, they will have different degrees of dungeons, different sizes of raids and different ways to defeat bosses that will make it different from WoW and other MMO's but not different enough to capture me. Besides, right now is the wrong time to join Rift. They are working out server loads, population caps and every day since head start people have been waiting in line to play with on their guild selected servers. Some guilds I'm sure have had to move because they can't get into the servers they wanted at launch and are scrambling to keep guildies together. Its a mad house but nothing the MMO community didn't expect with a brand new child. So, I'll wait a bit. See things calm down a bit. Wait for the tourist season to subside and then quietly slip in under the radar and play me a little Rift, probably in 2 or 3 months.

Not sure what I will be doing now. I've been playing some Oblivion on the Xbox and its fun. I can probably spend a lot of time there. I've also been invited to play a little Champions online with a few friends. Right now I'm only playing the free 2 play version but who knows, if things pick up I may had back there full time. But for now, I'm MMO-less and it feels good.


  1. If you're taking recommendations, Dwarf Fortress is pretty fun and the community on the forums is so friendly it almost feels like I'm playing an MMO at times. The learning curve is steep though. If you want some simple fun, Ive been playing Just Cause 2 since release and still having a ball. I even found a rare plane for the first time last night.

  2. I'm amazed at how productive I've become at home since not re-subbing to WoW or any other MMO. It's a nice break not to be tied down to one game for awhile.

  3. O.o MMO-less, to me that'd be like being homeless, but I'm an addict so pay me no heed. If you're having fun, no matter what you're doing, that's all that really counts.

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  5. I actually found a new home, if only temporarily. I decided to try Champions online again. At first it was just going to be the F2P stuff, but I am such a creative person that it just bothered me to not have access to more costume and design options so I bought a 2 month time card. Right now, I'm having a blast trying out the different premade Archetypes and I find that even though a lot of the later stuff is recycled lower level stuff, I don't mind. I think after having to grind so much in WoW that doing it with a superhero is par for the course.

    I plan to do a good blog post about my adventures but I've just not found the time.

  6. Yes, keep us updated on Champions. I've only just been back into WoW the last 4 months, after 2 years away, and playing a level 65 Death Knight tank has given me something unique and different from the healing role I used to fill. You have to change around now and then!

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