Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Not

I'm not playing WoW.
I'm not playing Rift.
I'm not playing anything.

I'm not at home, so I'm not in front of my computer or gaming consoles

I'm not blogging, because I'm not playing games. I'm not happy about that, but what's one to do when your just not.


  1. Me too, working hard and moving this week into a new house, first one we bought. I was enjoying champions online last I played it so I will be adding you to friends there and keeping an eye out for you though.

  2. Sounds good. Champions is something I need to get back into this week. The the first house is fun. Once you get in and settled you'll find stuff you love about it and hate about it so that you can make the next house even better.

    Well at least thats my hope once I get enough money for my second house. lol

  3. You are not playing pocket pool
    You are not playing Clue
    You are not surfing porn
    You are in a knot :)

  4. I'm actually surfing porn on my Ipod wireless, but thats a different story all together.

  5. Hehe, I'm not either! Or maybe I am, I guess it depends on what it is we are talking about!