Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eve Online Again!

I know, I know I said this wouldn't be an EvE centric blog and yet here I am blogging about it AGAIN!

I just can't help myself. It's like sex with the ugly girl in class, you don't want to brag about it but you are the only one getting laid and it's fun (That line was for my friend, Scary Booster). So I'm not going to be ashamed, I'm really having a ton of fun playing EvE and if that's all I have to blog about then so be it, bitches!

Well after a week or two of skilling up and with a generous donation by friends to my "Let's help Oak get a Cruiser to fly" fund I am happy to report to duty for combat in my new Rupture. The first thing I did was fly her around a few systems and then park her so I could start my mining career. lol. Right now sadly, her guns are getting dusty from lack of use. Why you ask? Because I have decided to devote the next week or so to getting my mining business, "Bubba's Stripper Mining R' Us" up and running.

True, I'm not running a strip mining ship nor will I be in the near future. I have not joined a "new pilot friendly" mining Corp, which I hear do exist in EVE. No none of that. I went out and purchased a few Huge Secure Containers, fitted my mission rewarded Industry ship and gotten my Navitas ready for mining. I started by picking out a fairly nice section of 0.6 space, mainly so I could deploy my containers and anchor them safely. A nice asteroid belt with a wide variety of ores so I could find some thing profitable.

I maybe going to fast for those new to EVE talk.

Well let me back track a sec, for those not in the know, secure containers of any size require the anchor skill and have the ability to be password protected, which keeps theft down to a minimum, especially from hostile players wanting to grief people. These containers float near the asteroid I'm mining which allows me to mine and store large amounts of ore in a short time. Ore that I can come back later and pick up with my industrial ship, basically a large cargo ship.

Industrials are big, bulky and fly like buses loaded down with buses. However, they are necessary to move large quantity of ore to stations to sell.

The mining process once started is pretty easy. Course buying all the materials, moving my ships and gear around took a good 2 hours. Like skilling up, every thing takes time in EVE. Now that I am actually mining and moving ore, the ISK is starting to trickle in. After two trips I've been able to make around 1 mil in ISK, which for a beginner just learning isn't too bad, is it?

Sure it will take time. There are lots still to learn like tractor beams and large scale strip mining but for right now I'm just trying to get my feet wet and see if this is the side of the game I wish to devote my time too or should I be a Pirate. Arrggg who knows!

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