Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Strangers with Candy

First let me start by saying I have found a new addiction. No it's not the girl in the picture as much as I would like it to be. No I've fallen for EVE Online.

Here's how it happened.

Recently a bunch of twitter people I follow were chatting up EVE. A few had just started playing while others were jumping back in so I figured, why the hell not? Steam had a demo and Stargrace was nice enough to give me a buddy pass which turned my 15 free days into 21.

Now, let's go back 2 yrs.

At that time I was really growing bored with WoW. I decided to get EVE a try. I installed a 14 day demo and jumped in head first. The problem was the learning curve complicated by my busy work schedule. I only managed to play for a few hours and never returned before the timer ran out.

Well this time I decided to take the time, learn the game and see just how complex the world of Eve really is. I downloaded the demo on a Saturday afternoon and by sunday night I had purchased the game off Steam. Two weeks later I'm still having a lot of fun.

The game is not like any other MMO out on the market, which is perfect for me. It's very deep with layers under layers. It's not as hard as some would have you believe but it's not for the casually lazy players either. You have to pay attention, read everything and do the tutorials first. The main mistake a newbie would make is thinking its as easy as WoW and its just not. Evert day I find out something new and different about the game. I'm just glad a few of the gang from Multiplaying.net have been around to help guide me.
Even though I read everything and do tutorials it's always nice to get information from someone that's done it already. They have been a great help.

It's hard to encompass all the great things this game has in one little blog post and I'm not going to turn this into an EVE centric blog, there are just too many great ones out there. However, for now, EVE is my MMO of choice so I will be doing some reporting from there at least till I get bored or nerd rage hits me.

Besides it always nice to get a fresh look at an old game especially from a total newbie like me.

Dwarves in space.

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  1. Those words are messing up that pretty picture. LOL!

    Personally I liked EVE, but there's a level of depthness I just can't get into right now.

  2. I feel that I have met expectations if the picture and title bother even you. Now I have to see how Scary feels lol. He is the litmus test for bad taste