Friday, April 26, 2013

Buy New? Never

My opinion or Rant as they say.

Xbox 720 and PS4 will not be the systems we want.  They will have "Always" online code or they will be very expensive or they will have something else that completely annoys us, the gamers.  The fact is regardless of any of that, they are coming and they will be here by the end of the year.  I for one will not be buying one right away.  I think my PS3 and Xbox 360 have good life still in them and that throwing them out just to buy a new and very overpriced piece of hardware is insane.

Yes, some people have to have the New Purple shiny and some of us have lives and families and other responsibilities that will require us to sit on the sidelines with expectations of a price drop within the coming year after release, which WILL HAPPEN.  People that say it won't are either delusional or just don't know how the system works.  The item comes out over priced, a small percentage of fan boys and rich people buy them and the rest sit on the shelf for 6 months to a year till Microsoft or Sony decide, We need to move these units, and then the price comes down.  In the mean time, we'll still be playing our Xbox 360 and PS3's.  Why?  Because they can't stop making games for those systems right away.  Its called cash flow, those companies need it and if new consoles don't sell, they have to make money some way.  Eventually they will be phased out and when they do the New Gen consoles will be reasonable.

Other than what Apple does, I have never seen a new console or hand held system not sell for less than it did on release a year later.  Nope, not seen it. 

So here is the deal.  They are coming, we won't like all the new features, they will be super expensive and eventually everyone will have one or the other or both in some cases.  Its going to happen, embrace the future, don't clinch.