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Is this a stupid crazy year or what? I mean, it starts off with Trump, the virus, Trump, people dying, Trump then more virus, massive unemployment, Trump, inject your self with disinfectant and the political implementation of masks by Trump.  Can't say I am a big fan of our President.  But this isn't a blog about politics, the state of affairs or people dying from violence, racial distrust and well, deadly viruses.  

No, this often resurrected blog is suppose to be about games with a funny spin or wrong interpretation of the future of gaming.  Like when I said "digital" was stupid a few years back. Oh lets not forget my distrust of micro transactions or that video games will go the way of the "8-Track Tape" because of digital downloads and purchases because without physical boxes that you can touch and hold in a brick and mortar store people won't be interested in them.  Man, that was probably a stupid foretelling of the future we live in now, EVER!

But, I'm not here to remind you of my poor prognostication skills (means, seeing the future), I am here once again to thrill you with my love of video games and my captivating reviews of said video games.  Course, I've actually only been playing a few games.  I do have a Switch.  I even picked up Animal Crossing and loved it, but after about three weeks, I got tired of it and slide the system back into its charging cradle, where it has sat for almost a month now.  So, what have I been playing that requires me to fire up my blog so I can chat with my not so many readers about?

Not much.

I've purchases Conan Exiles.  A older game that many have either not picked up or haven't returned back to it after the initial purchase.  I like it.  The cost of entry is fairly cheap if you can get the base game on sale from Steam.  I picked mine up for $20.  Started playing on the official servers for a while.  Enjoyed the killing and building aspect of the game.  Lots to learn, very easy to get to level cap and there is no sub cost to play with others online.  Course, if you don't pick up the DLC, which is often on a bundle sale on Steam, you don't get any cool looking armor or building materials.  This can make the game boring after playing around in it for a month or so looking at all the other cool kids and their cool mansions. 

The game offers several ways to play online, one way is to play on the official servers.  This can be an okay move, but I don't  super recommended that because of land grabbing.  Doesn't matter if there is a low pop on the server or not, some players feel that a little isn't enough and will grab as much land as they can to expand their empire on the server.  Sometimes, this is a good thing, because a lot of nice guilds will build path ways to reaching areas that are hard to get to because, well, they are Nice.  But some players, just want to carve a large area out and fuck anyone else playing.  Meaning, if you want a nice area to build and expand in, your not going to find it on the official servers.  Course, you can always find a guild, and join up with them.  They will provide you with lots of resources and on PVP servers you can go after other guilds, if that is your thang.

You can also play single player or solo.  This creates a game that you can play around in, test out different building ideas and add a few mods to see what you like and don't like.  You can also create a private server.  I'm not sure how this is done, but from what I've heard it can be problematic at times, if you are nervous about letting people into your network traffic or so I have heard.  I am not much of a techie so you'll have to research that yourself.  But on a private server thats locked with a password, you can add any mods you want and change the level of gaining XP and adding all kinds of "Cheats" to the game.  IF that again, is your thang.

Now, what is the game?  You kill, gather materials, and build.  Basically the same as survival Minecraft except Conan style.  Lots of nudity, if you want, lots of blood, if you want, and lots of dying from heat and cold.  The game can be brutal.  Having to run back to get everything your carrying on you because you accidentally drank a warming beverage in the middle of the hot desert and you died from a heat stroke can be a real thing in this game.  Also, if you forget to eat or drink and go afk.  You will die.  Its not a nice fun happy game like Minecraft.  There are challenges, but they aren't enough to put me off playing.  Sometimes the lag can be terrible and I've found that while playing on a friend's private server loading all the mods can take a little bit of time, which can be super annoying.  I mean, waiting to get into WoW on release day annoying.

Its a fun game and well worth $20.  That's basically the jest of this little blog.  Oh and to make sure my blog was still active and I was able to get in and post.  Man, I was worried about that.  I checked a bunch of old blogs that I had listed on my site and most of them are either gone or taken over by escort services.  No joke.

Well, I hope to do this again soon.  I want to talk about Black Desert Online next.  I'll try to get a few screenshots, which I am sure you'll just love, maybe not.  I will also start posting some of my art on the blog.  I don't really have a place to post it all in one place so I thought I would revise this blog and start listing some of it here.  I keep pounding twitter and facebook with it, but I figure eventually I will find a good style that I can make money on so why not have a real website I can refer back to with all my designs.  huh? huh?  Not really, my stuff is ham fisted, but if you come back, you'll get to see it.

Take care.


PS:   This blog was not edited for content, spelling or sentence structure.  I'm a crude rude socially unacceptable dwarf and I don't have time to proofread or look up things in English structure books.  So if your prissy about my blog then, piss off.

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